The Rejection Song

To be performed by a scientific program committee (choir) and its chair (solo voice) to the tunes of the song "Go West" (Village People / Pet Shop Boys).  A program committee decides which scientific works get published.

(Together) We‘re the committee
(Together) We‘re the experts, see?
(Together) We will read your work
(Together) We will make us heard

Re-ject! This is our song
Re-ject! cos the data‘s wrong
Re-ject! it’s been done before
Re-ject! send it out the door

(Together) We select the best
(Together) We reject the rest
(Together) and the best is us
(Together) so why make a fuzz?

Re-ject! This is out of scope
Re-ject! it’s a slipp‘ry slope
Re-ject! It’s irrelevant
Re-ject! I don’t understand!

(Together) We define the field
(Together) We do form a shield
(Together) We are the elite
(Together) Life can be so sweet

Re-ject! no related work
Re-ject! you are such a dork
Re-ject! not my expertise
Re-ject! would you fix that, please

Re-ject! cos it’s really bad
Re-ject! cos I’m getting mad
Re-ject! there’s a missing bit
Re-ject! it‘s a piece of (fade out)

Music: Victor Willis, Henri Belolo and Jacques Morali
Above lyrics: Andreas Zeller

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